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Return to Work and COVID 19 Issues

Momorandum about the County's requirement that each department develop a COVID safety plan. Universally the plans provide for social distancing, self-monitoring health screening, mask requirements when in common areas and cleaning regimens.
View / Download Memorandum (7-10-20) (PDF)

SCAPA Concerns and Requests re: COVID 19

Momorandum detailing our discussions with Vanessa DeLeon, Labor Relations Officer, regarding COVID-19 concerns.
View / Download Memorandum (4/2/20) (PDF)

Membership Meetings

Membership Meetings are held at 5pm on the second Thursday of every odd month, July, September, November, etc.
9616 Micron Avenue, Suite 900 – We look forward to your attendance!

Annual Meeting

Notice of Class Study – Administrative Services Officer and Administrative Analyst

The County of Sacramento has contracted with Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) to conduct a class study for the Administrative Services Officer (ASO) and Administrative Analyst (AA) series. The study will include all positions in the ASO I, ASO II, ASO III, Associate AA, Senior AA (Ranges A & B), and Principal AA classes, including those positions designated as confidential. The primary focus of this study will be to evaluate the class structure, class specifications, and position allocations.