Representing Labor


We believe in the future of Sacramento County and its employees

In the Fall of 2010, unrepresented County employees with a vision met to discuss the idea of representing themselves and becoming recognized by the County as an organization. As a result the Sacramento County Administrative Professionals Association, SCAPA, was formed. The vision was to secure a better future for the unrepresented group who historically had no voice in the County or at the negotiation table and had endured massive layoffs and furlough. In the Spring of 2011 employees voted to be represented by the Sacramento County Administrative Professional Association (SCAPA).

On April 26, 2011, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors recognized SCAPA as the exclusive representative for 64 employee classifications and over 300 members. Soon afterward, SCAPA signed their first contract with Sacramento County and completed the formation of its Board.

Since then SCAPA has represented members in multiple meet-and-confer sessions, hearings, and disciplinary matters. SCAPA also employed a legal firm with quality experience in labor issues.

We are the Sacramento County Administrative Professionals Association (SCAPA), loyal to our values, providing support to our members, and believing in a better future.

Directors & Representatives

Our Board Members

Our Directors are an integral part of the services that SCAPA offers its members. Each of our board members share responsibility and as such all act as SCAPA representatives.
We recommend contacting our Labor Representative, Kim Gillingham, at (916) 851-1900 for assistance.

Our Current Board of Directors and Representatives include:





We also have additional representatives assisting the Board as needed. In addition, we are always looking for people who are willing and able to help others and act as representatives. If you are interested in helping please submit a letter of interest, explaining why you want to help and what skills you have to offer, to contact the Secretary.