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Notice of Class Study – Administrative Services Officer and Administrative Analyst

The County of Sacramento has contracted with Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) to conduct a class study for the Administrative Services Officer (ASO) and Administrative Analyst (AA) series. The study will include all positions in the ASO I, ASO II, ASO III, Associate AA, Senior AA (Ranges A & B), and Principal AA classes, including those positions designated as confidential. The primary focus of this study will be to evaluate the class structure, class specifications, and position allocations.

Sacramento County made the following statement on June 30, 2017

Some of your members and their dependents who have Western Health Advantage (WHA) for a medical plan and see a UC Davis physician have received, or will be receiving a letter informing them that UC Davis is withdrawing from participation in the WHA health plan. UC Davis was a founding business partner in establishing WHA, and this marks a very significant retreat by UC Davis in the local market. Attached is a sample of the WHA letter sent to members, and a copy of the UC Regents action item with some additional details about the decision.

At this time, there is no immediate replacement medical plan that will allow County employees to continue seeing a UC Davis physician after Jan 1, 2018. Approximately 500 employees with WHA coverage have selected physicians in UC Davis. We do not know the number of impacted dependents. We are actively requesting quotes from other medical plans on an urgent basis, but it is not a certainty that any other carriers will want to quote given our current participation structure and the number of impacted participants.

For now, no immediate action needs to be taken. However, absent any new medical carrier or plan offering, impacted employees and dependents have two options. First, they could stay with WHA coverage and change their primary care physician. WHA will actively assist in the process, including establishing a dedicated phone number and transition team as mentioned in their letter. A primary care physician change can be made at any time directly with the health plan and does not need a life event.

The second alternative is to change medical plans at Open Enrollment to either Kaiser or Sutter for January 2018.

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